«There is nothing more perfect than something made to measure»

At Harry´s 1982 we offer a customized tailoring service where we can make a perfect, neat and perfectly finished garment.

Our bespoke tailoring service is guided by professionals with a wide experience that can advise and guide on the way to perfection.

We have a variety of fabrics best international factories like Scabal, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dormeul y Vitale Barberis, among others.

In our tailor shop, we create an unique atmosphere between our customers and the staff, we think it’s necessary to have communication and total harmony in order to translate the ideas that our customers requires us and, in turn, advise our knowledge on the latest trends and details of a garment of this nature.

The tailoring service is very demanding because of the perfection needed in the most special days, so we take care about all details to create an special and unique clothes.

Our making process of garments begins with a inicial consultation with our experts in tailoring and they will take the necessary information and will advise you on the best design based on your likes and the occasion, choosing every detail.

Testing is the second step, tuning and touching up the final details, observing and exchanging points of view with our costumers, making them feel like part of the process, not finished yet.

A final test will confirm that the garment is completely finished, in some cases a plus test is needed.

«There is nothing more perfect than something made to measure.»


To make an appointment with our sartorial service you can do it by calling 91 578 05 80 or filling out the form below, where we will contact you as soon as possible.