Dresssing fashionably without going too far? Where can we draw the fine line between classic and modern? The fashion terms have changed a lot through the time. Nowadays, the evolution of this sector has been so huge that we cannot set where the classicism finishes and where the modernity starts.

In the last few years, we receive so much information. We are trend/style/design recipients every day, to the point that indirectly, we note so much different information, that, we can store, or otherwise, we waste. The rich variety of social networks or emerging apps which introduces us in the fashion world, the amount of people who is showing interest in fashion increases more and more, and the growing offer in the retail sector, are just some of the factors for what, nowadays, it is so present for so much people. Thanks to all of these factors, we can see what is fashioned in London, what is causing sensation in New York, or even we can anticipate the design and style that will become trendy. Also note that there are peolpe who wear and create trends. We must make sure to focus on the right ones, and not going beyond the limits of the classic style. We must take just those ones who wear a perfect style for every occasion witout losing personality.

It is true that fashion is going much faster for modern tendencies, with extravagant colours, patterns and textures, than for the classic ones. And here it´s the point where oneself must innovate. Just modifying details as a shirt collar which was trendy 30 years ago, changing the height, and the number of buttons of the jacket made by your taylor, or even adding trouser cuffs wider as usual.

Look and find the best possible way to play with your outfit lines without losing the classic identity. Invent the way of mixing garments that some years ago was unimaginable, like a denim shirt with suit and tie, a high waisted trousers with sneakers, Give sense to the colours you are wearing. Combine the elements that are trendy with the classic basic ones. Dare to wear fabric textures mixed with classic patterns, which make your clothes special. Mix different garments of the same chromatic range, or even same colours with different grades.

The classic term is very ambiguous, and what is risky for some, for others is perfect. The important thing is to wear fashion or trend in our own way, because after all, that is what the human is looking for in every fields of design, especially in fashion.