Interview with Marco Taddei

«We always need to be ourselves, said a famous writer. »

Interviewer: -How did you start in the fashion world and what is the sucess of your blog?

Marco: I started my career in the fashion world very early, when I was 19 years old, working in a clothes showroom. Then I realised about my passion about this world, and alsoI thought of creating a blog. Finally I did it and I started working on it, called “The passion is the key”

I:How did you hear about our company?.

M: -I like exploring and finding out about fashion brands and also influencers in this sector, that’s why social networks provide me much information in my day to day. Watching your instagram profile, I found many interesting and stylish looks, quite different, and it made me curious about your brand.

 I: -This season our campaign is “The color is the key”. What would be a perfect Harry’s 1982 look for this season?

M: -I’ve been watching with interest your collection for this season, and I like a lot the color it provides to the summer. The textures of some garments attract attention, but in my opinión, a white linen suit would be perfect for spring/summer season, elegant and classy, not only for formal dressing, but also to wear informally, confortably and coolly for summer looks, with espadrilles or even with a polo shirt.

I: -What is yor star garment and what are your standards to select them?

M: -In my opinion, I would highlight the blazer, either a single or double-breasted one, with peak or straight lapel, with simple pockets or plastron. The textures play an important rol in these garments, you can find cool wool, cotton, linen which gives some freshness and confort, or also the combination of the last two.

I personally believe that every man need to have a blazer with these characteristics as “ back of the wardrobe”. It’s an essential for work, events, even for the day to day life.

I: -Marco, what are your travel basics?

M: -As I said before, it’s neccesary to have a basic garment, as a navy blue cool wool suit,. I travel often, so according to the planning, I opte for a navy blue cool wool suit for formal events, and on the other hand, a navy blue blazer, of different textures, for casual ocassions.

 I: -Could you tell us a phrase that defines you?

M: -“We always need to be ourselves” said a famous writer, “because everybody else is already busy”


Interview with Marco Taddei